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In this Agreement, the terms and conditions describe the relationship between www.verifiedresume.me and the service offered for the user.

Before using our service, please read the terms and conditions carefully.

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Privacy policy

The privacy policy establishes how we will use your information. By using this website you accept the privacy policy of this website as well as acknowledge that all the data provided by you is accurate.

It is Forbidden

Misuse of this website, making offensive or obscene comments, distributing malicious or technologically harmful software, infringing on the website's ownership rights, or any infringement of this provision constitutes a Criminal offense against www.verifiedresume.me . We will report any infringement to the competent authorities.

Verified Resume is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by a cyber-attack.

Intellectual Property

www.verifiedresume.me owns the intellectual property rights of the resume builder tool, service, content and images and is protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world for which it is not permitted to manipulate, distribute, or reproduce any format for commercial purposes.


The model of the Verified Resume is subscription based, in which the user agrees to pay the recurring fee in advance.

Depending on the type of subscription that the user chooses, the payments are defined as monthly or annual payments.

At the end of the cycle, all subscriptions are automatically renewed with the same conditions which were selected unless the user decides to cancel the service.

The service can be cancelled directly through the user's account, or by sending an email to dgfliss@verifiedresume.me .

Payments are made through appropriate platforms such as Paypal, Credit Cards or Apple Pay, where all the necessary information is provided to the payment platforms and where Verified Resume is authorized to collect the relevant subscription.

If the payment is not accepted, you will receive an email informing about the situation and sending a deadline for payment. If this is not met, Verified Resume will have the right to cancel the account with all the information that is stored.


Subscriptions are non-refundable


To open the account, the user must provide complete information, otherwise Verified Resume reserves the right to cancel the service.

Links to other pages

Verified Resume agrees for the user to be linked to our home page as long as its reputation is not damaged. We reserve the right to remove links without prior notice.


You agree to indemnify www.verifiedresume.me for breach of the terms and conditions described.

Complaints and suggestions

Verified Resume will receive your complaints, comments, and suggestions of the service to the email dgfliss@verifiedresume.me where we will attempt to resolve any dispute, complaint or comment.