Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is intended to inform the consumer how we gather, store, and use personal information. It should be noted that your privacy is very important to us and the common principles of the law in place will control all our acts and good practices.


Verified Resume is accountable and responsible for the use and security of your private information and personal information; in this context, and in compliance with legal obligations, the data owner is told of how the information is obtained and the purposes for which the information is to be provided.

Verified Resume gathers some personal information which will be used to determine our relationship with you for the following purposes, as well as to fulfill the services and or orders you request.

Offer access to the tools for Verified Resume, customer support and statistical purposes.

To inform you (at your request) we keep personal data until you let us know that you no longer wish to receive marketing information.

We keep this personal data to share your resume with third parties via our service, but only after you have given permission for this in advance, we record your consent.

We note and inform you that your personal data will not be shared with any authority, corporation, organization or individual other than us and will be used solely for the purposes indicated, unless approved by you.

We promise and guarantee that we will do everything possible to secure the website using the 

software and technology in our power to prevent any breaches or violations. 

Under no circumstances does Verified Resume request personal data for minors under 18th.

At any time, you can revoke your consent for the use or processing of your personal data.

The withdrawal of your consent would mean that we cannot proceed to provide the service you ordered or the termination of your relationship with us for such purposes.

To revoke the consent that you grant in that act or to limit its disclosure, the respective request must be submitted through the following email:

The response to the request for revocation or limitation of disclosure of your data will be given no later than a period of 3 days and will be communicated by email.