Who can utilise Verified Resume?

12 Oct 2023


Verified Resume is an online platform that allows users to create professional resumes. It comes with many customisable features that help in building ATS friendly resume. You can create a resume that fits your career aspirations regardless of age, profession, or qualification.

Freshers - Whether you are a school student, graduate student, or pursuing higher studies, there are hundreds of resume templates available on Verified Resume for you to choose from. Once you select one template as per your requirements, you can create an amazing resume using all the features of Verified Resume. The QR code will provide transparency and easy access to the document.

Working Professionals - Nowadays, we constantly need to refresh our knowledge and upgrade our skills to keep up with the latest trends. Upon completing courses or acquiring any skills, you can upgrade your resume anytime while on the job. When you are up for a job change or promotion, you can create an updated resume using Verified Resume and grab the best opportunity in your career. The QR code present on the resume gives you the flexibility to access it anytime from anywhere.