What does the Verified Resume offer?

12 Oct 2023


It is absolutely important to make your Resume ATS-friendly in today's era. The machine has already replaced thousands of manual work, and filtering resume based on resume keywords is one of them. 

When a resume is ATS-compliant, it is designed in such a way that the application can be parsed easily by the applicant tracking system. It has a simple, easy-to-scan format. A good ATS-friendly resume contains keywords that match the job description, highlight relevant work experience and emphasise professional skills. 

You won't be able to reach a recruiter if your resume isn't compatible with applicant tracking systems. There's only one thing it'll do: end up in the recruitment black hole forever.

ATS's working mechanism will make it easy for you to understand why it is important to create an ATS-friendly resume. 

In the ATS, resumes are scored according to preset criteria so that recruiters can identify those candidates who are most likely to be the best fit for the current opening.

It would be great to ask a question like this: "How many years of PM work experience do you have?" Any answer below five will either be rejected or lowered in the score if the system is set to five.

The ATS must parse your resume. ATS will still fail to scan your resume if the template isn't parsable, even if the content is ATS-friendly.  

With Verified Resume, you can create a template, format, font and content as per the requirement of ATS.