What are the most attractive features of Verified Resume?

12 Oct 2023


If you want to make your CV ATS-friendly, it is very easy with Verified Resume. Follow the step, and your ATS-friendly CV will be ready in less than an hour.  

  • Pick The Best Resume Format: The easiest format for an ATS to read is reverse-chronological. This format emphasises your work experience by putting it on top of the page.

  • Appropriate File Type: A PDF file is universal and can be read by (most) ATS, so that should be your go-to. PDF files are also great for maintaining the design and format of your resume.

  • ATS Template: Choose a resume template that ATS can read. Many applicants get rejected for using resume templates that ATS can’t read. 

  • Fancy templates you might have spent money on usually get scrambled in the system. 

  • Keep Simple Layout: Choose a standard, simple font. Use bigger font sizes for headers and smaller ones for content. To highlight your achievements, stick to bulleted lists. Remember to choose a simple bulleted point. 

  • Resume Keywords: Keywords are words or short phrases related to the specific requirements for a job. The system scans for these words to find the best candidate. Remember, though, that you shouldn’t just randomly throw the keywords around. A human will read your resume after it passes the ATS!

  • Label Sections: List your work experience under “Work Experience”, “Skills” skills, etc. That’s the only way for the ATS to recognize what it is reading.